About business coaching
”I can recommend Niclas because he balances in a good way between giving constructive advice, tips and exercises while at the same time forcing me to reflect on the issue we highlight and letting me come to the solution myself. Niclas has helped me create time for the issues that are most important but has also given me methods and working methods to work further with these issues”
Henrik Ahlin, Head of Department, Education Administration.

About coaching in english.
Working with Niclas has been great. Niclas has a great understanding of life coaching and I enjoyed how the sessions were presented. The sessions has helped me to find answers to questions I had and in the end improved my self-confidence. I would definitely recommend working with Niclas to anyone. Wikus van Rooyen, head of Operations, Southafrica

About coaching
Courage. To. Dare. Three important words. Through a professional, versatile, and warm approach, Niclas has given me the courage to do exactly that, dare. To trust in myself and dare to believe that I can do this. Every session becomes a positive challenge with new insights. Niclas brings personal conversations, that are both light-hearted and earnest, and simple and good tools that work.