I want to help you dare to take the step towards your dream. It could be you wanting to be better at your job, needing courage to grab a new position, or perhaps you having a dream the same way as I did. Whatever it is, I am ready to challenge and support you with your courage to dare.

I know what it is to hesitate,

All choices, all thoughts, start with a certain hesitation, brief for some and longer for others. I have hesitated, but I have also dared – at work, in relationships, with training, and not least with the future. I left a career as a high-level manager to help you gain the courage to dare take that step towards your dream. 

Business coaching

Do you have a team of managers or are you yourself a manager who feel you need to be challenged to have the courage to dare?

Goal setting​




Manager support

Coaching leadership

Individual coaching or group coaching

Virtual coaching, at a time that suits your needs

Business development

Does your team or organisation need development support? This could be the development of new business strategies, meeting facilitation, or building your vision and values.


Team development

Conflict management

Organisational development

Meeting facilitation

Building values


Other projects requiring developmental support

Life coaching

Life – this wonderful Life. This wonderful word, which can mean so many things. And to have the life that you want, perhaps you need some courage to dare.


A healthier life

In the middle of life

Individual coaching 5 x 60 minutes

Group coaching 5 x 60 minutes

Management training, half day                   

Management training, full day

Other assignments on a quote basis

Coaching subscription set monthly fee + hourly rate

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Half day

Full day

Other projects  on a quote basis

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Bundle 1 5×60 minutes

Bundle 2 8×60 minutes

Coaching session, 60 minutes

Taster session, 30minutes

Training and health coaching according to agreement

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Niclas’s coaching always gives me new insights

Sara, Chartered Accountant

Let’s take the step forward together

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.