About Niclas

Me, in my beloved Southafrica. Since 2004 I have been running projects in Southafrica. Me and my wife is founder of a charity organisation which supports a southafrican organisation for orphans –https://mosaicsa.org/

Courage to dare was founded in 2021 by Niclas and Linda Bjälkenborn, our passion is to help you or your company to develop and take a step in the job, in life or if you are looking for someone to be challenged by before new steps ….

I am a certified ACC coach in the field of leadership and coaching. I have attended a coaching training that is quality assured at the highest level (ACTP, Approved Coach Training Program) at the ICF, International Coaching Federation

Dad, husband, triathlete, and manager,

Niclas Bjälkenborn, is founder of Courage to Dare. I have been a manager mostly in the education sector since 2000. In my CV you can found Principal, CEO, Busniess area manager and Head of Education department. I over 20 years I have developt pupils , co-workes and managers.

My career

Professionally my path went from military service at a elite unit to teachercollege where I got a teaching diploma for grade 4-9 in social science and in highschool for history, philosophy and religous science. I also hold a master degree in history and philolosophy. Early in my career I started my PhD but life took a turn a turn and I became a principal at a independent highschool. I was principal for 15 years, became CEO of the company, left for the third largest schoolcompany in Sweden where I was head of preschool and compulsary school. I took the first step towards my dream of helping and supported others. A municipality need a Head of Education for six month during a recruitment process. I apply and got the post and stayed for three years. In september 2021 it was time – I quit and to the step out into the great unknown but towards my dream – to help you towards your goals and dreams.

Private intrest

During my whole life I have been intressed in affect and develop people. At 14 years of age I started train children, youth and adults in art of selfdefence at the local ju-jutsuclub. Commitment in other people let my to be instructor at the local working dog club, outdoor childleader and boardmember in the local Triathlon club. Now adays my freetime is mostly fitnessrelated and mainly swim,bike and run even if a lot of time is spend outdoors.