About Leadership

I became a manager in 2000 and since then I have been a principal, CEO, Head of School, Business Area Manager responsible for compulsory school and preschool, and Head of Education Department. For most of my managerial career, I have been a manager of other managers. I have led mergers, decommissioned operations, and above all, I have been a developing manager, adding value to the organisations I have led.

Niclas is a loyal, clear leader who does not shy away from difficulties. He has great work capacity and an ability to build structures. Niclas sees many perspectives but also everything as a whole. He is a leader who leads from the helicopter.

Thomas, Chairman of the Board and Owner

Leading others is one of the greatest privileges you can have

Both as a manager and individual, I set high demands on myself. I have high expectations of my colleagues, but I want them to complete any assignment by themselves. I do not like micro-managing others, nor do I like being micro-managed myself.

I will ask questions; it is very important when it comes to leading other managers. I am good at working out your goals and demands in dialogue with you, and I expect you to strive towards being the best that you can be.

Leadership – what can I do for you?

Training in and support with:

Coaching leadership

Self-leadership – managing your time

Leading managers – leading through others

Difficult conversations

Staff appraisals

Business planning

Meeting facilitation

Value based leadership

Organisational development

Conflict management

Managerial experience

Head of Education Department (2018-2021)
I was responsible for the leadership and organisation of an administration with approximately 400 employees, and consistently strived to achieve a culture of togetherness. Any challenges should be faced together. When I first started, the Swedish Schools Inspectorate had issued the municipality with fines for the entire operation from preschool to adult education. After just over a year, we had managed to turn the operation around and only one small fine had to be paid.

Business Area Manager (2017-2018) The business area comprised ten schools and five preschools in Sweden, with the assignment mainly focused on three areas – leading and developing the compulsory school and preschool managers, creating space for organic as well as external growth through establishing new schools and preschools, and finally developing the pedagogical concept. I was part of the management group at group level and led the business area’s management group and concept group.

CEO/Head of School/Principal (2003-2017)
I led a high school with three college preparatory programs (Economics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences), a vocational program, language introduction, and an individual program aimed at students with autism. The school had several focus sports and three elite sports programs. During my years with the school, I went from being assistant principal to CEO/Head of School and the school grew from having 200 students to a maximum of 600. The management group consisted of three principals and me as CEO. The primary objective was to grow existing operations, provide managerial support and also develop new business opportunities.