About coaching

Coaching is your journey, a conversation where I ask a lot of questions, but you do not have to answer them all. You own the conversation and the content. Just say “pass” when you want to skip a question. Some questions are challenging, which means that you can feel you need time to think. Take that time, we are not in a rush, it is fine for me if it is quiet for a while. If you wish to think out loud that is also fine.

We are only looking forward, and I am the sounding board that will push you to think outside the box. Coaching is not counselling or therapy, it is us exploring your new future together.

Clients who have collaborated with a coach show various positive results, such as improved communication, increased self-belief/confidence, enhanced productivity, optimised performance, and improved work-life balance

Source: 2017 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study

Coaching will take place virtually.

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My tools

During coaching I use so called rating scale questions, where the answer is a rating of 0-10 and the questions for example how motivated you are, how satisfied you are or how difficult you deem a certain situation.

I also often use metaphors, where you yourself get to come up with a metaphor for a situation, an event or to describe a feeling, which is subsequently used to explore new possibilities and perspectives in our conversation.

Similarly, we can use colours and shapes, where you can assign a colour to a feeling as a way to describe it. It can take some getting used to, but I encourage you to dare, to let your imagination run wild. It is a journey of exploration.

Trough the method of perspective coaching,I use different perspectives to allow you to explore a situation and a potential new perspective. Here I am looking for how you perceive your perspective. How does it feel? What happens with your posture, breathing and feeling in your body, with the different perspectives?

Finally, a few words on feelings. Feelings contain an incredible amount of information. Many find it unfamiliar to talk about, perhaps the assumption is that feelings are only talked about in therapy. 80% of your decisions are based on your feelings. That is why we put a lot of focus on putting words on your feelings. Identifying them makes you aware of your core values and what directs you. I challenge you to dare to face your feelings. Often you find it is fear, dreams of the future, or a longing to be seen, that lies behind those feelings. These all control your actions and decisions more or less subconsciously. Sometimes it is feelings of discomfort, grief, fear, and pain. Sometimes it is nice feelings like happiness, desire, and well-being.

ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.

International Coaching Federation